The Terms and Conditions of Sale for the purchase of products by Money Mattaz (“Products”) displayed on this site (“Site”) owned and managed by Money Mattaz (“Money Mattaz” or, alternatively, the “Seller”), are included in the present contract of sale (“Contract”).

Every user visiting the Site (“User”) can view the Contract before completing an order for purchase of Products on the Site (“Order”). The purchase of Products on this Site implies the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Sale. Any modification or amendment to these Terms and Conditions of Sale will immediately become effective after being published on this Site and will regulate all the subsequent sales of Products.

01: Customers
02: Acceptance of an order/ contract of sale
03: Payments
04: Shipping and delivery
05: Prices
06: Vouchers and discount codes
07: Defective and non-conforming Products – Guarantee
08: Exchange/ refunds and return of Products
09: Compliments and Improvements
10: Disclaimer
11: Use of the Site
12: Personal Accounts
13: Limitation of liability

01: Customers

The purchase of Products on this Site is for customers (“Customers”) – meaning natural persons, eligible to execute and perform binding agreements according to the applicable law.

When submitting an Order, Customers must provide all the personal information required by this Site, including but not limited to their own first name, surname, date of birth, email address, billing and delivery address. All such information must be true, accurate and up to date. Users / customers cannot make any purchase under someone else’s identity unless strictly authorised to do so by the identity holder. Products sold on this Site are not meant for resale.

02: Acceptance of an Order – Contract of sale

Following the electronic submission of an Order via the Money Mattaz site, the Customer will receive an email confirming receipt of the Order. Such communication serves to notify the Customers that the Order has been received, and to provide them with the relevant unique order number.

The confirmation of order email does not in any way represent acceptance of the Order on the part of the Seller. If any information in the confirmation email appears incorrect, the Customer must promptly inform the Seller’s customer service (“Customer Service”) via the details included in the confirmation email.

The acceptance of the Order on the part of the Seller will take place only when the latter sends the purchase confirmation to the Customer by email (“Purchase confirmation”), usually at the same time as the dispatch of the Products. The relevant Contract should be considered finalised at the time of receipt of the Purchase confirmation on the part of the Customer. 

Before that time, the Seller reserves the right to refuse acceptance of an Order at its discretion. In particular, the Seller shall not be responsible, in any way, in the event that a Product that has been ordered is removed from the Site following the submission of the relevant Order. It may in fact occur that the Site erroneously displays Products that are not available at that time.

In the case of partial unavailability of the Order, Customer Service will contact the Customer in order to confirm that the Customer wishes to

(a) Receive a partial Order
(b) The complete Order over numerous deliveries, or
(c) To cancel the Order

In the case of total unavailability of the Order. However, the Customer Service team will contact the Customer in order to inform the Customer that the Order will not be processed, and will cancel the relevant Order. In such a case, no charge will be applied to the payment method the customer uses for the purchase of goods.

03: Payments

Orders may be made using major credit cards, debit cards or other methods of payment available on the Site (collectively, the “Payment methods”). The Seller will proceed to charge the payment method at the price of the purchase. This will be at the same time as the acceptance of the Order. However, prior to the acceptance of the Order, security checks may be carried out regarding the Payment method chosen by the Customer for the Order, or a pre-authorisation or a pre-charge for the sake of caution. 

The Seller uses a primary gateway for the authorisation of payments for Orders (“Payment gateway”); as a result, the Seller will not directly manage any financial information relating to the Payment method used by the Customer, nor will the Site process any financial information provided for the completion of the Order. The Payment Gateway protects the details of the credit or debit card used, encrypting sensitive information in order to ensure that they are transmitted securely. The Site uses Secure technology in order to guarantee a higher level of security for every Order. 

In the unlikely event of error, negligence or any wrongdoing in relation to the management of the transaction linked to an Order by the Payment Gateway and/or the intermediary systems for payment, neither the Seller nor the Site will be responsible for such error. 

The Seller reserves the right to cancel a transaction and the relevant Order in the event that it appears that fraudulent use is being made of the Payment method for the Order. Moreover, the Seller and the Site will not be responsible in the event that illegal use is made of a Payment method by third parties which is not connected to any error or negligence by the Site or the Seller.

04: Shipping and Deliveries

The Seller despatches and delivers the Orders using major couriers. The Seller commits itself to deliver the Orders to Customers in a precise and timely manner, in conformity with the terms of delivery shown on the Site at checkout and, in every case, within 30 (thirty) days from the date of notification of the Purchase confirmation to the Customer.

The Purchase Confirmation is usually sent to the Customer at the time the Products are dispatched to the courier for delivery.

In certain circumstances, such as, for example, during sales periods or the closure of the business, delivery times may vary. The Seller shall not be held responsible for delays in delivery that are not connected to its fault or negligence. To this extent, the Seller shall be exempt from responsibility for delays due to force majeure, strikes, natural disasters, occurrences related to customs procedures, and any other occurrence relating to the provision of delivery services or any other circumstance outside its control.

Customers are encouraged to do everything in their power to facilitate the delivery of the Order, making themselves available for receipt or delegating to a third party. The courier will make a first attempt at delivery of the Order at the address indicated by the Customer. Where the outcome of the delivery is negative, the courier will inform the Customer of the attempt at delivery and will try to arrange a subsequent delivery of the Order with the Customer.

In the event that the courier is definitively unable to deliver the Order, Customer Service will contact the Customer in order to verify his or her interest in a new dispatch.

At the time of delivery, the Customer must verify the number of the parcels and the integrity of the external packaging. In the event that the Customer finds anomalies with the delivery, for example in relation to the number of parcels or damage to the external packaging, the Customer must conditionally sign the delivery document and contact the Customer Service. In the event that the Customer fails to do so, the Customer will not be able to bring a claim in relation to the delivery, The Customer may contact Customer Service by emailing Money Mattaz customer services in the form provided on the Site.

05: Prices

All the prices published on the Site are inclusive of VAT (“Prices”). Regarding the costs of delivery of the Order (“Delivery Costs”), the Customer must refer to the information provided in the “Shipping” section.
The total amount of the Delivery Costs (where such are owed), inclusive of VAT, will be visible in the summary of the Order during the checkout procedure, and will be stated in the Purchase confirmation sent to the Customer following acceptance of the Order.

Any amendments made to the Prices will have effect from the date of their publication on the Site, with no retroactive effect on Orders that have already been accepted via a Purchase confirmation.
Except in the event of a recognisable error, the Seller reserves the right to refuse acceptance of an Order for reason of error in the Price published on the Site or indicated in the email sent to confirm the receipt of the Order, that is, before the acceptance of the same Order by the Seller.

06: Vouchers and discount codes

During marketing campaigns, the Seller may issue vouchers and discount codes for purchase use on this Site.
Vouchers and discount codes cannot be refunded and can only be used within a specified timeframe “specified by Money Mattaz”.

07: Defective and non-conforming Products – Guarantee

The Seller assumes responsibility for every defect in the Products. The Seller guarantees the Customer that Products sold are not defective and that they conform as below:

• Conform to the description provided on the Site and possess the qualities of the Products that the Seller has presented to the Customer as a sample or model;
• Are appropriate for the purpose that goods of the same kind are normally used for;
• Possess the usual qualities and characteristics of goods of the same kind, and that

the Customer can reasonably expect, taking into account the nature of the goods. For technological reasons, neither Money Mattaz, nor the Site can guarantee that the visualisation of the colours on the screen will always be accurate.
Marginal differences between the description of the Product on the Site and the actual characteristics of the Product will not be considered cause for non-compliance of the Product for the purposes of the present Contract.
Terms and Conditions of Sale shall not affect any statutory consumer rights.

The Customer will notify the Seller of any failure of conformity of the Products within a period of 14 days from the date of delivery for a replacement of the product by emailing the customer service email listed on the site. After receiving notice from the Customer, the seller will advise the customer to send back the product to the seller. The product will be unworn with its original drop tags, original box and packaging.

08: Exchange/ refunds and return of Products

Within 14 days from the date of delivery of the Order, the Customer has the right to:

  • Request the exchange or refund of a Product with a unit of the same Product of a different colour or size; or
  • Cancel the Contract, with a reason for the return to inform the company of any issues with the product.

In order to ensure compliance with the above-mentioned term, the date of delivery of the Products will be taken as the date indicated on the tracking system for deliveries made available by the courier on its own website.
In the event that the Customer chooses to contact the Customer Service for Returns, the Customer should kindly refer to the unique identifying order number for the Order, as set out in the Purchase Confirmation. 

The possibility of returning Products is available only in relation to Orders that have already been delivered to the Customer based on the tracking system provided by the courier. 

The return or exchange form will be pre-filled out by the Seller; the Customer must verify the accuracy of the facts stated therein and, moreover, check that the notice bears the unique identifying number for the Order and, if any, the request to exchange the Product with a similar unit of the Product in a different colour and/or size. On the return or exchange form, the Customer will be able to indicate the reason for the return and any further notes (for example, the defects encountered, if any). After receipt of the form, the Seller will confirm receipt of the form to the Customer via email. This could nevertheless be rescinded in the event that the Seller ascertains any failure to meet the conditions for the Return or replacement; for example, because more than 14 days have elapsed from the date of delivery of the Products to the Customer.

  • The returned Products should be sent back with all labels, safety tags, packaging and accessories (cases, hangers, garment covers, etc.) that came with the Order;
  • The Products, labels, safety tags, packaging and accessories should not show any sign of usage, or scratches, or have been changed in any way (worn, washed, stretched, etc.) and should be sent back in the same condition in which they were sent out by the Seller and in their original internal packaging “Money Mattaz”. However, the purchase Price and Delivery Costs will not be reimbursed in relation to:
  • Products that have had their security tags removed or cut off; and/or
  • Products that have been used are incomplete (in particular where there are missing parts or accessories), ruined, damaged, in a state of deterioration or dirty. Any of the above will prejudice the reimbursement or replacement of the Product.
  • Products returned without their internal packaging.

The Customer will be considered liable for any diminished value of the Products resulting from all manipulation other than that necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the Products.
Once exchange of the Product or for Return have been verified, the Seller will communicate to the Customer its acceptance of the return and will proceed to the replacement of the Product or, in the case of Return, to the reimbursement of the purchase Price and of the Delivery Costs ultimately incurred by the Customer (Reimbursement).
The Seller commits to undertake the Reimbursement procedure described above within 30 days from the date of receipt of the returned Products. Reimbursement will be processed via the same Payment method used by the Customer for the Order. Provided the conditions of Return described above have been met.

9. Compliments and Improvements

For every communication, compliment, notification or complaint relating to an Order or customer service, please use the link in the compliments and Improvements section. The seller will respond within 30 days.

10. Disclaimer

The Owner cannot in any way guarantee that the Site, including the relevant Site Content, services and features, will be free from interruptions, that every defect encountered on the Site will be rectified or that the use of the Site will entail a specific result. The Site and Site Content are provided in their current state and are available as is. In addition to the above, the Owner does not recognise any guarantee, express or implied, including any guarantee of accuracy, completeness, non-violation of third party rights, marketability or suitability to a particular purpose.

11. Use of the Site

Users can use the Site and the Site Content exclusively for personal purposes, outside of any commercial purpose, and in a way that conforms with the Terms of Use, as well as all the applicable laws.

The use of the Site cannot in any way entail the establishment of any professional relationship with the Users, even where the latter are involved in the publication of reviews, contributions, posts of any kind, nor by way of agency relationship or editorial collaboration.
The Owner reserves the right to interrupt or suspend access or use of the Site for one or more Users, even without prior notice, where it considers that the Terms of Use of the Site have been breached or where it is necessary for reasons of security. 

12. Personal Accounts

In the event of the creation of a personal account on the Site (“Personal Account”), the User commits to provide Personal Information which is true and accurate at the time of registration and to update it regularly.
Registered Users are invited to store their Personal Account access credentials in an appropriate manner and not to divulge them. Registered Users must communicate promptly to the Site any unauthorised use of the Personal Account access credentials.

Registered Users are responsible for all activity carried out via their Personal Account and may be held liable for any damages of any kind resulting from the improper use of their Personal Account access credentials or for any abuse of the services provided by the Personal Account.

13. Limitation of liability

The information regarding the Products on the Site is intended and published merely for descriptive or promotional purposes.
The look and colours on the Site depend on the settings of the User’s device and it is impossible to guarantee that the User’s device will correctly display the colours and images published on the Site.

The Site can modify or remove, temporarily or permanently, certain Products and/or services, or modify the retail prices of such Products or services, without providing any prior notice to Users regarding such modifications.

To the extent allowed by the applicable law, Money Mattaz will not in any case be liable to Users, Customers or to third parties for any damage or loss deriving from the use of the Site and/or the Site Content, including information contained on the Site (and, in particular, information relating to the Products ).

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